The typical period of the participants’ relationship had been months (SD = )

The typical period of the participants’ relationship had been months (SD = )


The entire sample contains 532 Hungarian participants (380 feminine), aged between 16 and 69 age (M = , SD = 6.94). Respondents comprise employed by uploading an internet antichat kvГ­zy review website link on Facebook. Included in this, we decided to go with a subsample (N = 292 (230 female) starting between 16 and 69 years-old (M = , SD = 6.62) which, using the online survey, comprise at this time in a relationship. In order to assess commitment condition, respondents for the paid survey answered listed here question: a€?Are you at this time matchmaking with an enchanting companion and/or living in a relationship?a€? by choosing the next possibility: a€?Noa€? (N = 181, 34.7per cent), a€?Rather noa€? (N = 23, 4.3percent), a€?Rather yesa€? (letter = 31, 5.8per cent), a€?Yesa€? (N = 292, 55.1%). We only assessed the information from the individuals who replied a€?Yesa€? to this concern. In this subsample 66 (22.6per cent) participants presented absolutely nothing in their partnership updates, 8 (2.7percent) presented a€?Single,a€? 179 (61.3percent) demonstrated a€?In a relationship,a€? 12 (4.1percent) presented a€?Engaged,a€? and 27 participants (9.2per cent) displayed a€?Married.a€? For the regression testing, respondents belonging to the cluster are those just who indicated a relationship standing on fb, by announcing either a€?In a relationshipa€? or a€?Engageda€? or a€?Married.a€? There were no gender variations with regards to proportions of shared partnership statuses. Nine respondents (3.6%) had an elementary school amount, 13 (17.4percent) have a vocational school degree, 150 (59.3per cent) had a high-school level, and 81 (32percent) have a higher education amount. Included in this just seven players’ partner hasn’t got a Facebook visibility.

Data Gathering and Methods

The dataset had been obtained by a myspace program based on Kosinski and Stillwell’s myPersonality application (Kosinski and Rust, 2011; Kosinski and Stillwell, 2012). The Concerto platform ended up being supplied by the Psychometric middle of college of Cambridge, which permitted us to obtain Twitter individual information such as for instance relationship reputation. Furthermore, players had gotten a personalized opinions throughout the machines that they pleted, in return for their unique effort and time. Before beginning the questionnaire, members got more information concerning the research and a listing of private information collected off their fb users. Later, players see and approved the aware consent.

The scales utilized were translated, and back-translated by NA?frA?di and Orosz (in preparation) soon after Beaton et al. (2000) method. The very first measure may be the Rubin’s (1970) passionate appreciate measure (NA?frA?di and Orosz, in preparation). The Hungarian type features one element and it has eight stuff (I± = 0.83; 1 = a€?not at all true/disagree pletelya€?; 9 = a€?definitely true/agree pletelya€?) 3 . Although this scale was created to be factorically unitary, it discusses three areas of intimate appreciation: (a) affiliative and dependent want, (b) predisposition to simply help, (c) exclusiveness and assimilation. The second level will be the Hungarian version of Mathes and Severa’s (1981) Interpersonal Jealousy measure consists of 12 things. It contains three points: jealousy toward ex-partner (I bee unfortunate basically see a photo about X and his or her ex-partner), uniqueness (for example., I feel possessive toward X), and anticipated unfaithfulness [I don’t genuinely believe that if X would flirt with some one from opposite sex (roentgen)]. In today’s research, the subscales are not split. As an alternative, we utilized the aggregated many the 3 aspects (I± = 0.84; 1 = a€?absolutely false/disagree pletelya€?; 6 = a€?absolutely true/agree pletelya€?) 4 . The last level is myspace strength measure (FBI; Ellison et al., 2007), which evaluates self-reported information to the extent that players take part in fb activities. This measure is demanded because posting union updates can be more strongly related extensive fb customers than much less intense ones. Consequently, variations on this subject part may have affect the interest to post-relationship updates. The FBI got translated to Hungarian from inside the above-mentioned fashion. This size contains eight things (I± = 0.78) with three various Likert-type machines (for details discover Ellison et al., 2007). In amount, the scales put have great construct quality plus they are dependable when it comes to her interior reliability.

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