Contrasting the racquet to rest they have tried, our testers said:

Contrasting the racquet to rest they have tried, our testers said:


Sean – “The ease of playability is a significant plus personally. This is certainly a racquet you can easily collect and enjoy. I like the combination from the decreased RA and great usage of rate and spin.”

Valerie – “I love the power and regulation, specially on my forehand and provide. The sheer Aero have a large sweetspot, which makes the racquet extremely flexible.”

Chris – “I was thinking it was a good enhance toward sheer Aero. For my situation, it bridges the space within old AeroPro Drive additionally the outgoing absolute Aero. I do believe fans of both will require to what this variation can offer.”


Sean – “we typically choose frames with modest head sizes and denser string models, which means this racquet try slightly outside my number, but we nevertheless become I can appreciate what it delivers towards the dining table.”

ZA›ofia – “The Pure Aero isn’t as steady when I would really like, and it’s really missing out on some controls on dull images.”

Valerie – “there is not much to hate about that racquet – maybe the yellow colors? I really do like the neon yellow from previous adaptation.”

Natasha – “we struggled making use of fat balances as I caught golf ball late. I don’t have the energy doing a Nadal buggy whip, unfortunately!”

Marco – “I found this type of the sheer Aero to relax and play pretty much like their forerunner. The great, luxurious experience on influence and simple accessibility angle was a huge upside in my situation with both versions. While i can not imagine another racquet that offers myself spin and feeling that can match the Pure Aero, the pinnacle Graphene Touch Extreme MP do spring to mind.”

Sean – “I was thrilled to see the low RA numbers once the brand-new Pure Aero was available in, but I became worried this may ostracize this racquet’s loyal group of fans. Once I struck using absolute Aero 2019, these headaches gone away; I recognized that it however starred just like you’d envision a Pure Aero should, however with a very comfy sense.”

ZA›ofia – “This version of the natural Aero seems much more secure than the earlier one, with best vibration dampening and a lot more access to twist and force. All in all, i do believe the newest up-date really does everything the old version performed, but best.”

Valerie – “This current sheer Aero is great. It’s got the same great think I enjoyed inside AeroPro Drive long ago in 2006, additionally the same great electricity stage just like the previous natural Aero, but it is much more stable and easy to regulate. The latest absolute Aero in addition creates far more twist compared to earlier type.”

Chris – “I think participants just who believed the outgoing Pure Aero ended up being too much of a departure from AeroPro Drive will find new absolute Aero a significantly better suit. Those finding merely a tad most sense and control compared to the older natural Aero should definitely provide this brand new one a try. With that said, the energy and twist are near to the outbound version that I found no adjustment recommended whenever changing between them.”

Natasha – “i truly preferred this Pure Aero, and that I considered they ideal my video game design really. It was my personal first-time using a Pure Aero, so I are unable to examine it to an adult version, but I’m able to evaluate they to my recent racquet, the pinnacle Graphene Touch Instinct MP. The primary difference i came across was the swingweight. The absolute Aero believed much more head big than i am accustomed, which provided me with a lot more power and twist on my images. Regarding caffmoss negative side, I struggled with all the natural Aero’s swingweight and ability to move once I caught the ball late or got off-balance.”

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