Doug Phillips features betrayed dozens of individuals, and most ones for the a great deal more dastardly and you may devastating means than your

Doug Phillips features betrayed dozens of individuals, and most ones for the a great deal more dastardly and you may devastating means than your

You are not alone, Peter. Both you and Bob Renaud consumed the latest Kool-Services, however, I do not claim that in order to slam you (I found myself a person in a good cult immediately after me personally). I have prayed many times to you each other, and so numerous, that God manage restore and you may fix you. In addition pray of these few household you to stay in BCA. May Jesus deliver her or him.

No matter if Doug Phillips is no longer an official Older within BCA, he has normally determine and you will manage truth be told there as he ever performed, and you will certainly a lot more than Bob Sarratt. Doug Phillips ‘s the puppet learn and you will Bob Sarratt remains his puppet. You should know just who Bob Sarratt is actually. Bob Sarratt is actually give-picked become a keen “elder” maybe not since he at all suits the brand new biblical certification of work for each Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Timothy step three. Indeed, predicated on scripture Bob Sarratt is disqualified, just as Doug Phillips is disqualified. Bob Sarratt is actually disqualified since he is not “prone to teach” (step one Tim step 3:2). Doug Phillips was disqualified due to the fact he or she is not this new spouse out-of one partner (1 Tim step three:2). ”

Doug Phillips served given that best elder away from BCA getting at the minimum five years, even though he had been appear to read to say, “We feel in the an excellent plurality away from elders.” Whenever questioned upcoming as to the reasons are he the sole elderly, Doug create react, “Once i get a hold of one you to definitely will abide by me personally one hundred%, he can be an elderly.” If ever there had been a certainly-boy Bob Sarratt is him. Even a long time before Bob Sarratt turned into a senior, and you will in whole time that he is a deacon, the guy been for every Week-end service from the going up towards pulpit and you may proclaiming, “We believe in the good plurality from parents.” Naturally it was most of the theatrics. Actually Doug Phillips going down given that an older when you look at the ended up so you’re able to end up being nothing but theatrics, and you can clearly it wasn’t motivated by one legitimate repentance. In fact their coverage story try he are going down to blow more hours together with his family relations.

The guy together with fails the tests away from: “significantly more than reproach, loyal to help you his spouse, self-regulated, respected, maybe not criminal however, smooth, not quarrelsome, perhaps not a fan of money

It is equally important understand this new “no rumors” laws in the BCA and you can Sight Discussion board, and just how far reaching the fresh new influence off Doug Phillips’ “no hearsay” signal provides prolonged. Doug Phillips enjoys railed facing therefore-named gossipers for many years, and you may hearsay try any Doug Phillips represent that it is. Just like the Doug Phillips has tend to told you, “He who defines the fresh terms gains”, and exactly how Doug defines gossip is by equating gossip which have a citation of the 9th Commandment. This will be common out of how Doug Phillips twists and distorts sacred scripture getting his personal schedule. So you’re able to Doug Phillips gossip is actually something that individuals claims about him, or around his relatives, he will not including. It can make zero change to him perhaps the one thing told you from the him are correct and you will currently public record information. State some thing on the Doug Phillips that he wants, whether or not it is simply over lies and you can fabrications (there have been numerous his sycophants that have over thus to feed their massive ego), but that’s perhaps not gossip. ”

But state things genuine on the Doug which he cannot instance and you will it is really not just just hearsay, it is “sinful rumors” or perhaps the “horrifying sin off gossip

Regarding religious sociological cult industry which is Boerne Religious Set up discover couples sins which can be since grave while the sin of gossip. Marital infidelity was comparatively lesser and certainly will be easily safeguarded right up to have weeks and you can decades at a time, and you will I’m not simply speaking of just Doug’s unfaithfulness. For the 2004 an excellent 17 yr old BCA woman got expecting*. She was compelled to declare and repent before entire church because of the Senior Doug Phillips and you can Deacon Bob Sarratt. Yet not, the new name of kid which impregnated the girl are kept a secret and restricted to the information and knowledge of a few key men. Cheating could have been a couple of times swept in BCA carpeting, as it is as well as obviously confirmed from the simple fact that Jennifer Billings Grady stays a dynamic representative in the Boerne Christian Set up.

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